Our Collaborative Networks

At CluePoints, we work with a broad spectrum of organizations and various departments within them. Our scalable technology platform and comprehensive training empower diverse teams to leverage the full potential of RBQM and data quality oversight solutions, resulting in superior trial outcomes.


How We Work Together

Wherever you are in the clinical trial lifecycle, across any phase of research, CluePoints offers advanced analytics software that drives the highest quality study outcomes.

Operationalizing Prospective RBQM

Implementing RBQM methodologies proactively from trial design to completion, ensuring effective risk management practices are integrated at every stage and driving cost efficiencies across clinical operations, data management, quality, and medical review.

Trial Assurance for Regulatory Compliance

Ensuring readiness for inspections near the conclusion of the study to facilitate a smooth transition to study lock, thus optimizing data integrity and cleanliness for submission, which is hugely valuable as over 25% of studies fail first-cycle regulatory reviews due to data quality issues.

Data Quality Oversight

Monitoring the performance of CROs and study teams, particularly focusing on critical endpoints, to ensure efficient execution and adherence to trial protocols while also maintaining data quality and integrity for all remote data and decentralized methodologies.


CluePoints’ scalable technology platform seamlessly caters to your entire development pipeline of studies across all phases, therapeutic areas, and study designs. We provide the software to equip your in-house team with comprehensive training to harness the platform’s full potential, enabling users and organizations of all sizes to achieve self-sufficiency in risk-based strategy. If you lack the necessary resources, our expert Professional Services team stands ready to support you until you acquire the capability to handle it independently.

Contract Research Organizations (CROs)

By collaborating closely with leading global CROs, we deliver groundbreaking RBQM and data quality oversight solutions powered by AI. Our commitment extends beyond software; we offer comprehensive training programs to empower your in-house teams, ensuring they maximize platform capabilities and drive superior trial outcomes. We’ll offer a tailored approach to suit both you and your Sponsor’s needs. CluePoints works in partnership with CROs to allow for improved operational efficiency gains while also maintaining compliance with the latest regulatory guidelines.

Medical Devices

With a deep understanding of regulatory pathways and the evolving medical device landscape, we accelerate your product’s journey from concept to market and beyond. Our commitment to reliable clinical evidence ensures acceptance from regulators, payers, and patients, while our ability to adapt swiftly to new regulatory requirements safeguards your commercial viability and reputation.

Academic Community

Unlike one-size-fits-all offerings, we recognize the distinct needs of academic research settings, offering highly customizable features down to the study level. Our commitment to quality assurance ensures the reliability and validity of research findings, enhancing credibility within the academic community. Benefit from dedicated support, project management, and long-term relationships with key stakeholders, empowering you to accelerate scientific discovery and achieve impactful outcomes.


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