Advancing Human Intel Through the Latest AI Solutions

We harness the latest advancements in advanced statistics and machine learning to develop AI-powered solutions that go beyond data points and algorithms. Our enterprise software aims to revolutionize clinical trials, providing best-in-class integrated data review that results in smarter clinical trials.


Our Technology

CluePoints is the premier RBQM and data quality oversight software provider, delivering AI-powered insights that empower the life sciences industry to push boundaries and achieve breakthroughs.

Risk-Based Quality Management (RBQM)

RBQM illuminates real-time anomalies through cutting-edge statistics and machine learning, offering users a superior method to manage trial risks and accelerate resolution.

Site Profile & Oversight Tool (SPOT)

SPOT enables adaptive site monitoring for swift anomaly identification and actionable insights, improving study performance evaluation, site visit planning, and risk assessment.

Intelligent Medical Coding

Intelligent Medical Coding leverages deep learning to autonomously generate accurate suggestions for assigning medical codes to clinical trial data, drastically minimizing manual coding while enhancing coding uniformity.


Technology for Every Line of Research

CluePoints provides our community with smarter ways to run clinical trials. By leveraging the power of AI using advanced statistics and machine learning, CluePoints’ customers and partners can harness its proven, best-in-class platform of solutions to develop new therapies to improve the lives of people worldwide.

Contract Research Organizations (CROs)


Medical Devices

Academic Community