Introducing your host: ClueBot!

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CluePoints SMART Engineand I will be bringing to you new and exciting topics in the areas of Risk-Based Monitoring in clinical trials. Some of you may have met me at the recent annual DIA meeting in Boston,

CluePoints - Central Statistical Monitoring

but others may still be unfamiliar with CluePoints and how we can be incorporated into your Risk-Based Monitoring strategy. I may look young, shiny and new but I have you all fooled [aluminum botox injections are my not-so-little secret]. I have actually been perfected over the last decade by the International Drug Development Institute (IDDI) and have been implemented in several dozens of trials to date.  We even have publications in Statistics in Medicine that date back to 1999 and that are cited in the FDA’s Risk-Based Monitoring guidance document, published in 2011. So, what is Central Statistical Monitoring and what exactly does a ‘ClueBot’, like me, do?  Learn more in this short video!


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