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Federated Learning & Risk-Based Data Management – The Future of Smart Healthcare

According to CluePoints Senior Vice President John Hall, “Federated learning is a critical evolution in the application of machine learning (ML) in healthcare and clinical research.”

Federated Learning (FL) is a method used for training Machine Learning models. It can decentralize the training process by providing access to data from multiple disparate sources without directly sharing sensitive information, thus eliminating the need to pool data into a single location.

Hall is giving a presentation on Federated Learning at the annual Society of Clinical Data Management (SCDM) Live conference in San Antonio, TX, from September 11–14, 2022.  As the Senior Vice President for the EU and APAC regions, Hall will provide insights into use cases for  Federated Learning in clinical research and discuss some barriers to implementation.

Over time and with several training iterations, machine learning algorithms that utilize this approach will get exposure to a more comprehensive range of data than any single organization could achieve independently, ensuring superior performance.

On Monday, September 12th, Hall will participate in the “Federated Learning: A Collaborative Effort to Achieve Smart Healthcare” speaking session from 1:45–2:45 PM. He’ll be joined by GSK’s Associate Director of Data Analytics, Debu Moni Baruah, ZS Associates’  Principal & Head of Business Technology, R&D Practice, Abhay Jha, GSK’s Director, Clinical Analytics and Benchmarking, Deven Babre, and Sanjay Jaiswal, a Senior Executive at Accenture.

These experts will discuss various use cases of FL in healthcare and clinical research and demonstrate how the approach could help future-proof the “smart healthcare” revolution.

The Risk-Based Data Management Revolution

Further, CluePoints will be exhibiting at SCDM 2022 (Booth # 612) and showcasing its new suite of Risk-Based Data Management (RBDM) solutions that are set to revolutionize the discipline.

Clinical Data Management teams must move away from the traditional concept of “cleaning the data” and toward ensuring data reliability by identifying, addressing, and mitigating data quality risks. This means focusing review efforts on the most critical data and risks involved. There’s growing recognition that the most significant risk to overall data reliability goes beyond individual data discrepancies and originates in systemic errors in study conduct. This can take various forms, such as the behavior of site personnel, patients, and stakeholders and the misconfiguration of technologies being used to generate or deliver clinical data.

The innovative variety of RBDM software products build on CluePoints reputation as the industry leader in Risk-Based Quality Management (RBQM) and will harness over ten years of experience in delivering greater efficiencies, improving data quality and integrity, and reducing costs.

The CluePoints RBQM and RBDM platform also now incorporates advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions based on machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP) that further optimize the identification and processing of risks and issues. This allows sponsors and CROs to focus on what matters most and gain knowledge and insights to ultimately drive better critical thinking leading to faster submissions of greater quality.


SCDM Live 2022

This year’s conference will be held in person for the first time since 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The meeting aims to provide clinical research professionals with thought leadership and practical education on shifting from clinical data management (CDM) to clinical data science.

More than 800 participants from over 37 countries are expected to attend, listen to presentations, participate in workshops, and debate the industry’s future.

Topics this year include artificial intelligence and cognitive technology, efficiencies in decentralized clinical trials, regulations and standards, and risk-based CDM and data integrity.

Don’t miss this valuable presentation from one of CluePoints’ brightest leaders.

  • Who? John Hall, Senior Vice President, EU and APAC
  • What? Federated Learning: A Collaborative Effort to Achieve Smart Healthcare
  • When? Monday, September 12th from 1:45–2:45 PM
  • Where? SCDM Live 2022, San Antonio, Texas, USA
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