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CluePoints V1.12.0 Is Live!

Today, we’re excited to announce that we’ve added an abundance of new features to the CluePoints Central Monitoring platform. From out-of-the-box integration for data sources to more in-depth Patient Profiles reporting, our latest version is sure to delight. This new release demonstrates our ongoing commitment to continuously evolve our platform and add in features requested by our vast user base.

What’s New?

In March this year, we introduced Patient Profiles to our rapidly expanding Central Monitoring platform.  The powerful combination of the Patient profile reports, guided by our advanced Central Statistical monitoring, offers a new way for clinical teams to prioritize the investigation of atypical patient data in clinical trials. Since launch, we’ve been incrementally adding new features to the Patient Profiles module. This release adds several significant improvements:

The Gantt chart has been revamped and now includes the ability to display numerical data (e.g., Labs, Vital Signs etc.)

Easily identify if a Patient Profile has been reviewed and when it was last reviewed

Now, you can include any variable data (standard or not) from within your study to your Patient Profiles

This new release initiates the first part of the transition to a new study setup process, a transition that will be completed with the next version 1.13.0 to be released before the end of this year. The new setup process provides the ability to connect and harmonize multiple data sources (EDC, CTMS, ECG, LABS, etc.) directly within the platform without any need for pre-processing to be performed prior to uploading the data.  This release also provides users with an integrated SAS editor to configure and run complex data derivations. These improvements represent an important milestone leading up to the December release, which that will allow the scheduling of automated refreshes of your dashboards (DQA, KRI, Patient Profiles)

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