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CluePoints Chief Scientific Officer to Speak at CNS Summit Next Month

Steve Young, Chief Scientific Officer at CluePoints, will take to the podium at this year’s CNS Summit with Lynne Cesario, Global Risk-Based Monitoring Program Lead at Pfizer.

The Patients are Waiting – Reducing 10 Years of Development to Less Than 10 Months takes place on the second day of the summit (Monday, November 8).

Held from 1 pm to 1.50 pm EDT, the talk is a chance to understand how and why the use of risk-based quality management (RBQM) and centralized monitoring enabled Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine development to take place in record time.

Steve and Lynne will also review key takeaways to inform future best practices and explain how the RBQM-focused approach can and will be replicated across the portfolio.

Steve Young

As CSO, Steve oversees the research and development of advanced methods for the CluePoints platform, along with providing RBQM methodology guidance to customers.

Steve worked in clinical data management over a span of 15 years and has since focused on leading the development of analytics and RBQM solutions for eClinical Solution providers.

He holds a master’s degree in Mathematics from Villanova University.

Lynne Cesario

As Global Risk-Based Monitoring Program Lead for Pfizer, Lynne is responsible for delivering and executing the enterprise-level RBM implementation plan.

This includes process definition, technology implementation, training, enterprise change management, communication plans, and a global Central Monitoring group.

She has worked as a clinical research professional for more than 20 years and attended Yale University.

CNS Summit

Now in its 12th year, the CNS Summit was created to advance clinical development, with a focus on innovation, collaboration, and technology.

It is a year-round experience, including a four-day-summit which this year takes place from November 7-10.

Spotlight sessions will be held on topics including decentralized trials, artificial intelligence, remote monitoring, real-world evidence, digital medicine, digital biomarkers, diversity, and pediatrics.

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