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Announcing The CluePoints Data Quality Challenge

Are you struggling with how to assess the true value of improving data quality and integrity through Risk-Based Monitoring (RBM)?

Now is your chance to find out first-hand how ICH E6 R2 has given the industry, not only the chance to become much more resource efficient while increasing data quality, but to realise huge cost avoidance benefits too.

If your organization has a completed study that was associated with significant findings related to misconduct and/or data quality, then we want to hear from you.

Provide us the final dataset for the study at database lock (with the issues residing somewhere within the data provided) and CluePoints will do two things (at no expense to you):

  1. The statistical engine that lies at the heart of CluePoints will interrogate that entire dataset and identify the risk signals that uncover the critical issue(s) that you eventually found.
  2. We will then create interim snapshots of the data at 10% accrual, 20% accrual, 30% and so on in order to demonstrate exactly when we would have identified the underlying risk. This means that you will see when you would have been able to take corrective action to mitigate the issue(s).

In letting CluePoints conduct this Data Quality challenge(at no expense to you) to prove that it will find critical risk signals and identify them early enough for you to take appropriate action, we will give you:

  • The ultimate insurance policy for your clinical study. Periodic Data Surveillance using CluePoints gives you the peace of mind that the software will leave no stone unturned in interrogating ALL your clinical and operational data to isolate areas of risk.
  • The answer you have been looking for to ensure compliance with the new ICH E6 R2 guidance from a technology perspective and, via our Implementation Experts, the support you need to get the People and Process elements aligned too.
  • An assessment of the resulting Cost Avoidance opportunity that allows you to prove to Executive Management both the power and the cost benefit of employing a risk-based approach to study execution in the future. We will work with you to identify how this approach would have saved time and money and the magnitude of those efficiencies.
  • This challenge will give us the use cases we need to prove the value seen by our customers to date. We would insist on the ability to anonymise your details entirely (if necessary) in order to produce a case study that will be used to promote how CluePoints will drive these tangible benefits.
  • An opportunity to collaborate with you in this kind of ‘proof of concept’ arrangement so that we can establish a lasting partnership between our organizations.

If you are interested in taking us up on this Data Quality Challenge, then please click the button below to submit your details and we will get back to you right away.

We won’t be able to analyse every study that is offered up so please make sure you get your study ideas to us as soon as possible.

Please submit all candidate studies by Friday November 30thand we will decide by end of the following week. We look forward to hearing from you. Good luck!

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