10 Reasons People Like Working At CluePoints

From the friendly, supportive culture to making a difference in people’s lives, there are a million and one reasons why people love working at CluePoints.

So when we asked our staff what they liked most about their job, narrowing the answers down to ten was a challenge. But, to mark a decade since CluePoints first set out on its journey, that’s exactly what we did. So here’s what our team had to say.

1. Team spirit

Top of the list was our team spirit – with almost 150 employees over three countries, that’s no mean feat. Survey respondents said people come to work because they want to, not because they have to, and commented on the company’s flat structure.

“We can easily go to CEO and co-founder François Torche, and we have one common goal for the whole company. Everyone pulls in the same direction with no internal politics or competition,” said one respondent.

2. Culture of innovation and continuous improvement

Our people are passionate, ambitious, and driven to do their best job. They spoke about how proud they were to support the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine clinical trial and to make a difference in people’s lives.

“CluePoints is the most innovative company I’ve worked for. What excites me? The exceptional understanding of the industry, the transparency we practice with our clients, and the 110% engagement from the team. The entire organization works to ensure our product is the best it can be.”

3. Caring culture

Despite our massive growth over the last ten years, our teams said they still see their colleagues as their second family.

“Before, I could never see myself working at a big company because the human side of things is often lacking. But at CluePoints, we protect and look after each other.”

4. Warm, friendly atmosphere

That caring culture makes for a great atmosphere. Everyone feels included, whether supporting each other through a busy day, enjoying a free massage, or going to the company BBQ.

 “CluePoints appreciates hard work but also knows how to have fun and build comradery.”

5. Flexibility

Of course, we know that no matter how much you love your job, you still have a life, family, and friends outside the office.

“It’s important to breathe out and spend time with family. CluePoints cares about employees’ lives outside of work.”

6. Positive mindset

If the can-do attitude were contagious, it would be at epidemic levels in CluePoints, our survey found.

“Maybe it’s the scale-up spirit, but people are very committed and motivated. They look at what they need to do and devise the solutions.”

7. Challenging jobs

We work in a fast-moving world and have huge ambitions – luckily, the CluePoints family likes nothing better than a new challenge.

“We are always innovating. We release new versions of the platform every six months, always taking customer feedback into account and never remaining with the status quo. It’s great.”

8. Career growth

There is no such thing as a dead-end job at CluePoints, which was transparently based on the feedback in our survey.

“The company offers us the possibility to grow within CluePoints. We are always offered an opportunity first before someone is hired from outside.”

9. Remarkable colleagues

What came out loud and clear was how much the teams throughout CluePoints appreciated each other.

“I love being surrounded by extremely intelligent people who encourage each other to succeed.”

10. Our beloved Rose

And one remarkable colleague, in particular, received more than a few name checks. So take a bow, office manager Rose O’Sullivan, because you have made it onto the top ten reasons people love working at CluePoints.

“She is a binding person and so good at caring for people.”

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