CluePoints' RADAR™ Service

CluePoints’ ground-breaking RADAR™ service enables sponsors to achieve a data- quality driven understanding of risks upon which to base high-impact site inspection readiness activities. CluePoints Data Analysts will undertake a comprehensive statistical analysis of data using the CluePoints software and provide a report identifying a rank of the most anomalous sites, highlighting the areas of risk across site and patient data.

This data-driven risk analysis inspires confidence throughout the process and is extremely cost effective by comparison to traditional site inspection readiness planning. Sponsors and CROs are able to obtain the technology directly from CluePoints for internal, enterprise level adoption. However, to circumvent the lengthy planning, decision making and implementation of software acquisition, RADAR delivers immediate value to sponsors through this outsourced service approach:

The RADAR™ service includes:

  • Timely Data Quality Assessments
  • Identification of Sites and Patients at Risk
  • Targeted Lists of Clinical Data Signals for Review
  • Analysis of Data Trends Over Time
  • Full Traceability via an Auditable and Documented Process
  • Report of All Findings to allow Risk Mitigation