CluePoints works within the Pharmaceutical space in the same way that other industries interrogate data to reduce insurance risk, detect credit card fraud, provide national security intelligence and even select players for sports teams. These sectors rely on this type of comprehensive statistical approach and the clinical industry is now enjoying the same benefits in terms of risk mitigation, operational effectiveness and reduced costs.

We are a young, dynamic and fast-growing start-up and we are looking for talented and motivated people to join our team

Research Statistician – Brussels, Belgium

The Research Statistician will be responsible for extending the capabilities of a system for central statistical monitoring of clinical trials by developing new statistical analyses and new functionalities. To this aim, you will explore a range of data analysis / statistical modeling / machine learning techniques and evaluate (via simulations and application to real-life datasets) their suitability, properties, implementation, ease of use, etc.

Dynamic Kick-Ass Backend Software Engineer – Brussels, Belgium

The Backend Software Engineer will be responsible for proposing technological developments to make our architecture more scalable and modern.

Clinical Data Analyst – Brussels, Belgium

The Clinical Data Analyst will be responsible for performing analyses with our in-house Central Monitoring Platform, for diagnosing and explaining anomalies in the clinical data collected